As payment methods go, Skrill is pretty straightforward to use. Online casinos using Skrill simply require a registered account and bank information. Using a Skrill account, players can log on and play at any casino. All you have to do is log onto your Skrill account to complete the transaction. While deposits from this service are free, withdrawals come with a 1% charge.

The popularity of Skrill as an e-wallet has ensured the best Skrill casinos online offer this service. Gamblers prefer the ease of payment afforded by the e-wallet service. That said, finding a casino has become a priority for gamblers in Singapore. Real money service combined with instant payments have made it a perfect choice. Luckily, casinos in Singapore value instant payment services, and many host Skrill payments.

It is easy enough to open up a Skrill wallet in Singapore. Once you do, you can start sending and receiving money, as well as deal with cryptocurrencies through the wallet. I have found it a great e-payment method because of the choices it offers, along with making the process simpler. Online casinos in Singapore that have acquired this payment method are likely to see a greater boost in active players.